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Premium Quality Traffic Signal Hardware

Greenlite Traffic designs, manufactures and supplies premium quality traffic signal hardware and accessories. All our aluminum castings are made at Alpine Non-Ferrous Foundry of Canada.

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Push Buttons

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Signal Hangers

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Sign Hangers

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Greenlite Traffic is a family owned and operated company supplying the industry with premium quality traffic signal hardware and accessories for over 30 years.

Greenlite Traffic is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of premium quality traffic signal hardware and accessories. Our clients currently include Provincial Transportation Ministries, municipalities and cities across Canada. They trust Greenlite to deliver top quality products and the best value in the business. All of Greenlite products are designed to the most exacting and rigorous standards and meet or exceed all known quality specifications. And, because we constantly upgrade our designs, by truly are relentless!

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At Greenlite Traffic, We Set the Standard

Greenlite Traffic signal hardware and accessories are engineered to meet all standards contained in the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada, and to meet all specifications set by the Institute of Traffic Engineers.

Greenlite Traffic

To stay on the leading edge , we are continuously and relentlessly upgrade the quality of our products.

Find out how our premium quality traffic signal hardware and accessories can save you money.

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Go for Quality. Go with Greenlite

Why go with Greenlite?

  • Highest quality products meet or exceed all known standards
  • We constantly upgrade our product specs and product line
  • Fast turnaround on orders
  • Flexibility & custom work: got an idea for a custom product?
  • We thrive on custom work; Put our design team to the test